United Engineering Services LLC (UES) has been a pillar of Oman’s Engineering services for over 4 decades catering to the fields of oil & gas and power generation & water. Recognized for HSE excellence, its quality products and on-time delivery, UES has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1979.

Today, UES is an international company with multiple facilities in Oman, UK, Germany and Malaysia, with more facilities expected to be setup internationally in the near future. In addition to supporting the fields of oil & gas and power generation & water, UES has now successfully integrated into the field of marine. UES is strategically placed and with the support provided by MB LLC, it has taken advantage and potential access to markets all over the world.

UES adheres to the latest and highest quality standards and is an ISO certified company. Our Fabrication division is accredited with ASME (U, U2, S, and R) and is authorized by the National Board of Boilers & Pressure Vessel Inspectors to place their approved stamp on fabricated products.

Our Machining Division is API (5CT, 6A, 7.1, 16A) certified in Oman, while its UK facility (Hyspec Engineering) is certified with the prestigious AS9100C, which expands its capabilities and allows them to machine parts for the oil & gas, defense, aerospace, nuclear, and renewables industries.

UES marine division specializes in the design & manufacture of fast interceptor boats for coastal protection utilizing 3D infusion process which enhances & optimizes the advanced composite manufacturing technology of materials such as Kevlar and Carbon Fiber.

UES represents the joint ventures which it has formed with various major international manufacturers and service providers to provide leading products and services to a wide array of industries.

In order to “Meet the Industry Challenges” in the near future, UES has taken steps to ensure significant growth in terms of product & services portfolio, scale and size of work and facilities, technology and know-how in the existing and new markets, as well as international presence.


Over 40 years of delivering a wide range of technical & innovative solutions and products worldwide

Meeting and Exceeding expectations of global industry leaders in quality and service

Accredited to major internationally recognized technical standards, including ISO, AS9100C, ASME, API, & extensive portfolio of Premium Thread licenses

UES positions itself for its continual advancement in technology and processes

UES is driven by an experienced and dedicated team of professionals across various aspects of the business. The technical knowledge and know-how contained within team UES team is second to none. We ensure that the right staff is recruited and retained within the business, in order to maintain a key competitive advantage.


For more information, visit www.uesoman.com

Chairman’s Award
for Excellence