MB Petroleum Services LLC (MBPS) truly provides a “One-Stop-Shop” for oilfield services in the Middle East. Its services include: Workover services, Well testing, Drilling fluids and Mud Engineering Services, Mud logging, Wireline/Slickline Services, Coiled Tubing and Stimulation Services, Nitrogen Services, Non Corrosive Pumping Services, and Completion Services. Being a multi-services provider, MBPS is uniquely placed along the oilfield services value chain through its in-house capabilities. Depending on the client’s requirements, MBPS has been providing services on a stand-alone basis or as an integrated package of services, taking full responsibility for the field throughout its life cycle.

To ensure the integrity of the equipment, support oilfield operations and maintain the quality of assets, MBPS has invested in establishing large workshops, attached to its operations in Middle East, Europe, North Africa, Asia and Asia-Pacific.

Major Clients include, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Saudi Aramco, Qatar Petroleum (QP), Occidental Oman, Daleel Petroleum LLC, BP Exploration (Epsilon) Limited, BP Exploration Operating Company Limited, Jordan, Petrogas LLC, Petrogas Rima, Oman Oil E&P, PTTEP Oman, Tatweer Petroleum, Bahrain, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, India, SASOL, Canadian Nexen and many more.


Since 1992, MBPS has built its reputation as one of the leading work-over and well services providers as well as well intervention contractors in the Middle East. As a recognised lead contractor for integrated oil well maintenance services, MBPS has successfully tackled several highly demanding and technically challenging client operations.

Services include standard and complex well maintenance activities, ranging from beam pump replacements on artificially lifted wells to multi-zone isolations and re-completions in both vertical and horizontal well bores.

MBPS has expanded its workover client-base through short and long term contracts with multinational and regional oil majors.


Since 1995, MBPS has been providing Wireline Units and Services for oil & gas E&P companies. These units are fully equipped to provide services like memory production logging tools, data acquisition and zone changing. Wireline comes as a 0.108 and 0.125 inch standard size that can be changed to any other standard size to meet the requirements of ‘downhole’ conditions.


MBPS offers Production/Injection Profiles, Leak Detection Logs, Gas Lift Surveys, and a variety of other diagnostic procedures that can provide E-line (Electrical line) quality logs at very cost effective prices.


These surveys include long-term build up/draw down tests, and are conducted by specialized personnel and equipment. Full analysis services are available with the industry-best standard software, quartz crystal capacitance and sapphire gauges with highly accurate analysis.


Completion Services and Material from MBPS are designed to help operators meet the objectives of producing and processing hydrocarbons at the optimum cost, safety, and efficiency. Completion Material is collected at the facility, assembled, tested and transported to the rig site under the supervision of an experienced completion engineer.

Some of the types of well completion that MBPS can handle are:

  • All types of completion for water injector wells
  • Dowel completion strings
  • High pressure and high temperature wells
  • Oil and gas wells

Completion materials that MBPS can make available, directly or through our partners, include:

  • Side Pocket Mandrels
  • Gas Lift Valves
  • Packers
  • Low Pressure Wellhead

For more information, visit www.mbpetroleum.com

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