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The Going Green Campaign:

As a kick off to the ‘Going Green Initiative’, MB Holding has started a programme within its offices. 20 recycle bins have been placed at various strategic points within the Azaiba head office premises. The waste paper is then collected and sent for recycling.

Mawarid has constructed a modern tailings storage facility and water recovery system. It is the first of its kind in the sultanate and is fully compliant with the sultanate’s environmental legislation and international best practices. Mawarid identified potential negative environmental impact, developed mitigating measures and an environmental management plan covering mines of Hatta and Shinas and the processing facility at Lasail. Operations took into consideration, the surrounding environment, which included the fauna, flora, water management, dust noise, air quality and impact on the community as well as the identification and protection of archaeological and anthropological sites. Mawarid won the Green Innovation Award for its Tailings dam facility in Liwa.

Mawarid Mining LLC re-designed & rebuilt an old Falaj (Traditional Water network) which has benefited the farms and habitat in the area. The key objective was to provide a sustainable water resource to the nearby villages and provide water to the farms that were on their last legs. The prosperity in those farms is visible at this stage and locals are happy with the nice recovery they have had on their farms.

In its efforts at going green, Mawarid has planted trees around the highway from the roundabout all the way to the border gate with UAE. As part of its constant endeavour to look after the surroundings where they operate, the objective has been to increase the green landscape area in the Shinas region and also provide some possible shade for long distance travelers. The green landscape is visible for all to see and the feedback from the local population has been very encouraging.

The Group also participates in the Earth Hour and regularly updates its portal with Green messages!

Conserving the environment for future generations is a key driver of MB Holding’s CSR policy. Infact, the Group’s environment management system globally is driven by the Japanese ‘kaizen’ philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’ in reducing resource utilization, emissions and waste.

The MB Holding Group has undertaken several endeavours to promote balance in the local ecology. These include environmental awareness campaigns, conservation of energy resources, recycling of material and equipment, pollution and containment systems to minimize environmental impact, minimizing all harmful discharges and also the rehabilitation of affected ecosystems.


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