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Press Release

MB Holding Group celebrate 45th National Day of Oman

MB Holding Group of Companies organizeda special celebration at its headquarters in Azaiba on the occasion of the 45th National Day. The event was attendedby employees and key officials from various group companiesin Oman. It was a pleasurable filled and colorful event for the employees as they were entertained by a series of activities specifically organized for them.

Dr. Mohammed Al Barwani, Chairman, MB Holding, commented on the occasion: “We are an Omani company and it is natural that we celebrate such an occasion with our employees who form a diverse collection of nationalities. Together we form one big family living together in this beautiful country. Today we come together to share our joy and express our love and loyalty to His Majesty and to this nation by celebrating this epic landmark.”

The entire Azaiba head office has been decorated in National colors for the last one week. The almost 3 hour long program commenced with recitation of theHoly Koran after which the audience listened to the speech delivered by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Al Said in 1970 when he took on the reigns of the Sultanate. At this juncture Said Al Jabri, Director – Corporate Operations, MB Holding, delivered a welcome address to the audience wherein he highlighted the progress the nation has made under His majesty’s rule. Dr. Mohammed Al Barwani and Vice Chairperson Sharifa Al Harthy were then welcomed on stage to cut the cake themed in national colors to mark the occasion. There was also an interesting quiz conducted in which the questions were revolving around the history of the Sultanate of Oman. Colleagues who were first to answer correctly were given prizes.

Said Al Jabri, Director – Corporate Operations, MB Holding, added: “We regard our employees as the most important and essential part of our business. This is yet another occasion where we all come together as one to celebrate Oman`s 45th National Day. Exhibiting different shades of our nation’s identity and sharing that with our colleagues, strengthens team spirit and bridges the gap between cultures through mutual understanding of each other’s traditions.”

MB Holding LLC is a group of companies devoted to achieving their vision of global eminence with diversified presence in more than 20 countries. The dynamic group which started operations in the year 1982 has diversified businesses including drilling and integrated oilfield services, the exploration and production of oil and gas, investments, engineering, manufacturing & trading, and mining and processing of minerals. Today, MB Holdinggroup employs more than 5000 employees from 46 nationalities across 20 countries - who are committed to achieving the vision and mission. For decades, in Oman and internationally, the company has achieved growth, efficiency and profitability with focus on quality, safety and teamwork. Some of the key group companies are MB Petroleum Services, Petrogas E & P, Mawarid Mining Company and United Engineering Services.

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