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Press Release


1) With the momentous occasion of the 45th National Day fast approaching, what are your thoughts about your mission to do the 4-day long walk to Mannah?...

This mission has been initiated by MB Holding Group to mark celebrations of the 45th National Day. I am honoured and proud to take this step on behalf of the company and my colleagues to congratulate His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said on the 45th National Day. I will depart on November 15 on a four-day journey to reach Hisn Al Shomoukh on November 18.

2) What is the message that you intend to pass on to the people of Oman with your walk?...

This march aims to spread a message of love, loyalty and gratitude to His Majesty and to our beloved Oman. It also reveals that Omanis have strong potential to face challenges and hardships of life driven by their deep and true love for their country.

3) Are you a professional walker Khalid?..If so, tell us a little bit about your journey as a walker so far..

Yes. Since a very early age I found enjoyment in walking and then when I joined the army it became a regular habit to walk for long distances. However, at some point when I left the army and got married I stopped exercising and walking for a while which resulted in gaining excessive weight. Only then, I was determined to rebuild my walking plan with the constant support of my wife. So I joined a group of ambitious young men in a long walk from Salalah to Bait Al Falaj. I have also been involved in several short walking journeys between different parts of Oman. Furthermore, my daughter was afflicted with cancer so I took it as a responsibility to join cancer campaign walks.

4) What kind of challenges are you expecting during the course of your walk?..

Of course there will be certain challenges I will encounter during this expedition, especially that the road will be rough and stony in some parts and there are mountainous areas and wadis along the route. During the day, the heat also might be a challenge. I will be wearing suitable clothing to tackle the weather conditions.

5) How are the preparations coming along for the walk?.What kind of preparation are you undergoing?...

I am fully prepared for this noble journey and have a good level of fitness. Before taking part in this endurance challenge I have been practicing regular long walks using different equipment and supplies. Bearing in mind that I will be crossing wadis and mountains, I have also undergone some necessary medical check-ups. The company has also provided a car with a driver and a nurse to accompany me throughout the walk.

6) Tell us a little bit about the walking culture in Oman and your thoughts on that.

Omanis have experienced long distances walks since ancient times in an effort to seek a livelihood. They used to walk miles from place to another enduring harsh weather conditions. Today, in spite of the advent of advanced transportations, people still practice walking to improve their health and fitness. Walking habits have become quite common in the Omani society; especially that Oman has beautiful beaches which offer smooth walking paths.

7) It's the 45th National Day that Oman will be celebrating, run me through some of your unforgettable National Day memories from yesteryears..your childhood and thereabout..

Celebrating National Day has always been a fabulous experience for me since childhood. I used to participate in all events prepared for this occasion at school. Later, I had the honour to participate in the memorable celebrations of the Omani Youth Year announced by His Majesty in 1983. On the occasion of the 44th National Day I joined a march from Muscat to Mudhaibi. During the celebrations of the 40th National Day I was also involved in a one-and-a-half month expedition across GCC countries, ranging between UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. In 2011, I delivered a congratulatory message on behalf my country to Qatar on the occasion of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Within Oman, I also took part in the blood donation journey campaign from Mudhaibi to Muscat in 2009.

8) Is there a message that you and MB Holding would like to give out to the people of Oman for the National Day?..

On this great national occasion we express our sincere wishes for peace, prosperity and happiness for the people of Oman under the wise leadership of His Majesty the Sultan, praying to Allah the Almighty for the return of this and similar occasions. I would also like to express my gratitude to MB Group and staff for their continuous support and for making this mission a success.


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