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Press Release

MB Holding Group and Traffic Safety Committee-Bausher launch drive safe campaign across schools

As part of its ongoing efforts to highlight the importance of safe driving practices in the community, MB Holding group have launched a Drive safe campaign across all schools in the Wilayat of Bausher. This Campaign has been supported by the Traffic Safety Committee in Bausher, led by SheikhMuhanna bin Saif bin Hamad al Ma’awali, Wali of Baushar and other members & stakeholders such as Dr. Humaid bin Salem al Hajri ,Advisor at Muscat Education Directorate

As part of this agreement between MB Holding group (including Petrogas E&P, MB Petroleum Services and MB Holding Co.) and the Committee,26 school buses that serve the wilayat of Bausher have been equipped with safety standards and systems. These include In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) instruments, reverse parking sensors and shoulders that alert drivers while students are getting in or out of the buses. In addition each of these buses has been painted in a standard universal color and havedrive safe messages on its exterior. Commenting on the initiative, which cost almost RO 30000, Sheikh Muhanna bin Nasser al Maawali , Wali of Baushar said that the aim of this initiative is to ensure that highest standards of safety for students travelling in school buses and raising the level of awareness and consciousness of not only the drivers but also citizens at large who get exposed to these messages.

“MB Holding group also provided schools with a monitoring system that enables the school management to detect the location of the bus and its route during the school hours. This device will help the school management to remain aware of the reasons behind any delay in bringing students to school or taking them back home” , he added.

His Excellency Eng. Mohammed bin Salem al Busaidi, Member of Shura Council for the wilayat said that this is one of the community service projects that targets school students and citizens at large. The project enhances students’, bus drivers’ and road users’ awareness of the importance of abiding by traffic rules and regulations. The project also uses a standard color – the orange yellow on the exterior, used by most schools in different parts of the world. The aim of this standard color is to alert road users of the school buses and make it easy to identify such busesfroma distance. It also holds drivers accountable for the safety of students in the buses.

Said Al Jabri, Director Corporate Operations, MB Holding said, “As a corporate, we are committed to the highest standards in HSE and supporting communities within which we operate. This is our support to the government’s endeavor of inculcating safe driving practices amongst its citizens. We have partnered with several schools in the past in the capital region. We are delighted for the Initiative, support and encouragement we received from the Traffic Safety Committee throughout the conception, planning and implementation of this campaign. We want to impart safe driving habits to our citizens from a young age so that when they start driving, they will emulate the same on the roads. Our motto is to try and make the roads in Oman safe!”

Sayyid Nasser bin Salem al Busaidi, member of the Traffic Safety Competition at the wilayat said that the aim of this initiative is to ensure safety of students.

“School bus drivers are thus required to show full cooperation and abide by traffic safety rules and regulations. I am sure they are aware of the importance of this and the key role they play in ensuring the safety of our children. They are also required to be familiar with handling any safety issues while driving. They should also report any instances that endanger students’ safety and security and should be quick in decision making to safeguard the lives our dear kids”, he added.

Ali bin Hamoud al Raqadi, a bus driver from Dohat al Adabschool said “This initiative is a positive step in the right direction and personally I am fond of it. I wish all private sector companies would follow the footsteps of MBHolding Group and provide utmost support to student traffic safety initiatives. I wish all school buses would be provided with rear cameras to allow drivers to see the area behind the buses”.

Abdullah bin Mohammed AwladThani who agreed with Ali said “The color has made the school busesunique and easily identifiable from a distance. This initiative will not only enhance the safety and security for school students but also promote these very relevant messages to citizens of the Sultanate”.


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