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Press Release

Petrogas E&P extends its assistance to women entrepreneurs – supports Nissa Sidab Centre’s activities

Petrogas E&P has always upheld its commitment to support communities within which it operates. In its latest endeavor, Oman’s premier exploration and production company has offered its support to Nissa Sidab Centre.

Situated in Sidab village in the capital region, Nissa Sidab is a non-profit organization that provides women with an opportunity to learn and upgrade their sewing skills and supplement their household income from the products created, even as they continue to render their household duties.

Petrogas E&P has provided the Centre with materials that will propel their business further. Speaking on the occasion, Yasser Al Mughairi, GM-HR, Admin & IT Petrogas E&P, said, “We are glad to partner with Nissa Sidab. What makes this association exciting is the fact that it is a group of women who are using their creativity to generate unique products whilst retaining a strong Omani identity. As a corporate, we always encourage such innovative endeavors and look forward to supporting them further.”

“Omani women are making strides in the work place and this is another example of them straddling not just their homes but also the work place with élan. We are proud to support such entrepreneurial zeal,” he added.

Established in 1999, Petrogas E&P is the holding company for MB Group’s Exploration and Production (E&P) assets in Oman, Egypt and The Netherlands. Petrogas E&P subsidiaries are engaged in the full range of Oil & Gas activities from exploration through appraisal, development and production.


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