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Press Release

MB Holding Group launches e-learning programme

The MB Holding Group recently launched its first e-learning programme – iLearn, iDevelop, iGrowacross all its offices in Oman and some internationally too. The programme was inaugurated by Sharifa Al Harthy, Vice Chairperson, MB Holding Company in the presence of Dr. Mohammed Al Barwani, Chairman, MB Holding Company as well as other senior officials.

The programme which is delivered completely online can be accessed through interfaces such as desktops, laptops or tablets to access educational curriculum outside a traditional classroom. More than 1000 tailor made learning materialacross different mediums (e-books, videos, online courses etc) will be made available to employees.

On the occasion of the official launch, Said Al Jabri, Director – Corporate Operations, MB Holding Company, said, “As a Group, we are constantly seeking ways to develop, motivate and nurture our employees. We firmly believe in being innovative and adaptive. After careful consideration and analysis across the group, it was felt that an inclusive programme needs to be provided. And we thought the best way to address it is to give our employees a new learning programme – a programme which will be novel as well as educational & exciting. Hence, the Group is launching a pioneering programme - iLearn, iDevelop, iGrow’. This is a specially designed development programme for employees within the Group.”

Badran Al Hinai, Group HR Manager, added, “With today’s technology savvy population, e-learning platform is an obvious choice. This programme offers immense flexibility, accessibility, a variety of learningcontent, is cost effective and encourages social networking. This will also allow employees to complete the learningat their pace, keep them motivated and inspire life-long learning.”

In its first phase, this initiative is a pilot project where 600 employees will be randomly selected. Following this, as part of the second phase, the programme will be rolled out to all employees

The MB Holding Group is devoted to achieving their vision of global eminence with diversified presence in more than 20 countries. The dynamic group which started operations in 1982 has diversified businesses including drilling & oilfield services, exploration & production of oil & gas, marine & engineering services, mining and investments. The MB Holding Group employs more than 5000 employees from over 51 nationalities who are committed to achieving its vision and mission. For decades, in Oman and internationally, the company has achieved growth, efficiency and profitability with focus on quality, safety and teamwork. For more information, please visit www.mbholdingco.com


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