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Press Release

UES Marine awarded 2 orders for their P-38 fast interceptor boats

UES Marine, a division of United Engineering Services LLC, Oman has been tasked to manufacture fast interceptor boats from 2 separate government defence bodies in South East Asia. The orders are for their Signature Interceptor Vessel the P-38. UES interceptor boats can be tailor made as per the customers’ requirements. UES Marine specializes in 3D infusion manufacturing processes that utilize advanced composite technology allowing high speeds, high durability while maintaining light weight. Depending on the customization, UES vessels can reach speeds surpassing 60 knots and still be highly maneuverable at such high speeds.

UES Marine has in the recent past delivered high speed interceptor boats to defence bodies within the regions of West Africa, South East Asia and the GCC. They have a wide portfolio of vessels catering to Defence, Commercial and Leisure platforms.

Commenting on this success, Usama Al Barwani, Managing Director, UES LLC, said “Following the entry of UES into the advanced composite specialist engineering market place and bringing this technology to Oman, it is particularly satisfying to have further consolidated on our international client base. These are clients determined to procure the best performance boats in the region. I am sure our in-depth design capability fully complemented by our world-class manufacturing process will deliver a special operations integrated maritime platform that is truly fit-for-purpose.”

Neville Storey, Chief Executive Officer, UES LLC, went on to add “As noted before, UES continues to be at the forefront of engineering excellence and with both of these customers we were able to adapt the flexibility of our world-class P38 core design to meet their individual and specific security needs. These two wins further position UES in the marine defence and security market place and endorse our commitment to meet each and every customers’ operational and in-theatre demands”

United Engineering Services LLC (UES) is a 100% Omani yet an international company with multiple facilities in Oman as well as in Germany, UK and Malaysia. UES which is part of MB Holding group provides engineering, manufacturing, machining and fabrication services to the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Maritime & Defence, Aerospace and Nuclear industries in and around the regions of Eurasia and Africa.


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