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Press Release

MB Petroleum Services – first in the Middle East to develop and test the Commercial Multiphase Flow Meter

In yet another technical first, MB Petroleum Services (MBPS) is proud to announce that it is the first company in the Middle East to develop and commercially test an accurate full range (Liquid & Gas) Multiphase Flow Meter. The MB Flow Master designed and assembled within the MB R&D department is a commercial multiphase flow meter based on separation technology. It uses state-of- the-art technology to separate 100% gas from the liquid (2 phases Oil & Water) to measure the gas and liquid flow rates, water cuts, gas-oil- ratios, pressures and temperatures. Based on individual client requirements, the MB Flow Master is the first ever fully functional commercial multiphase flow meter to be developed in the GCC and possibly in the MENA region. It has been successfully tested in more than 72 oil wells in Occidental and Daleel Petroleum fields across Oman.

What makes this Flow Master unique is the fact that the gas, liquid flow rate measurements and the water cut determination are carried out independent of each other by conventionally proven meters. This allows highly accurate determination of the discrete flows and computation of the flow rates and gas fractions.

Eamon Gorman, Group CEO, MB Petroleum Services Ltd, says, “The advantages of MB Flow Master over other multiphase flow meters is that it does not use any radioactive source to determine the flow measurements, hence is safer to handle, operate and does not require special permits for transportation through public areas. We are very happy and proud to be pioneering this technology in the Middle East. It is a fully automated unit with a high standard Data Acquisition System (DAS) which logs the wells’ data in real time every second (or as required) and can store several gigabyte data for ‘n’ number of days. The data can also be downloaded and stored as required.”

Dr Said al Mufarji, General Manager, R&D, MB Petroleum Services, who has completed his MSc in Multiphase Flow Metering Technology, adds, “After extensive research in this technology, we underwent rigorous actual field testing at Occidental Oman (Oxy) at Wadi Lathem oil field where we successfully tested 64 wells. Prior to that, in Daleel Petroleum we carried out various tests in more than 8 different types of wells and as a result we achieved the service testing certificate from Daleel Petroleum LLC.”

He continues, “Currently the meter is being enhanced with an automatic flow level control valve to enable operations without human intervention. We are extremely happy with its performance and we feel that this will help bring accuracy and maintain safety at oil fields.”

The DAS design, coding and data communication network were developed and implemented in- house at MBPS premises by an experienced R& D team lead by Dr. Said Al Mufarji. Concurrently, a fully functional multiphase yard testing facility was developed at MBPS’s yard to test the MB Flow Master at different flow rates, pressures and water cuts (0~100) % in order to ensure the unit’s high performance standard and accuracies.

MB Petroleum Services is one of the most successful and largest quality oilfield services provider in the Middle East. Its operations span more than 20 countries providing cost effective quality drilling and integrated well service solutions with the assurance of responsiveness, reliability and added value. MB Petroleum Services is a part of MB Holding Group of Companies, which employs more than 6000 employees and operates in more than 20 countries across four continents. MB Holding group of companies have just entered their 30th year of operations and have diversified businesses across drilling and integrated oilfield services, exploration and production of oil and gas, engineering, manufacturing & trading, and mining and processing of minerals.


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