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Mohammed Al Barwani, Conferred with an Honorary Doctoral Degree for the second time

Mohammed Al Barwani, Chairman of MB Holding Group of companies was conferred an honorary degree by the Heriot-Watt University recently. Vice-chancellor and UK campus Principal Professor Steve Chapman conferred the degree at a function held at their campus. The veneration comes in recognition to the milestones achieved by Mr. Barwani in the oil and gas industry. He has already been conferred with an honorary Doctorate by the University of Central Lancaster two years ago.

His success story is traced back to 1980, when Al Barwani was pursuing a master`s degree at Heriot –Watt University, Edinburgh. A challenging period - combining the excitement of starting a family, with the burning desire to succeed in his chosen field.Today, three decades later, he owns and runs the $1 billion- and highly reputed MB Holding group of companies with a solid trustworthy foundation in the oil and gas industry throughout the Middle East and across the globe. The honorary doctoral degree was conferred on the Omani entrepreneur for his achievements initiated by an academic qualification and confident strides towards success. Al Barwani attributes his accomplishments largely to the university which moulded him into the businessman he is today.

During his school days, Mohammed Al Barwani always excelled in science and maths which paved the way to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Science from Miami University. He joined the working force at Petroleum Development Company(PDO) where he was sent to Holland for intensive training followed by two years in the desert mastering his skills on oil rigs. Later on, Al Barwani was sent to do a master`s degree in Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. “It was tough switching from science to engineering. I had to change the way of thinking from a scientist`s perspective to an engineer`s perspective. A scientist wants to understand natural system in detail. An engineer wants to construct a practical solution to a need,” He said.

Al Barwani identifies the days in Edinburgh as very tough times. It was a period when he put in long hours of study seven days a week and balancing that with the responsibilities of expecting his first child. Appreciating the moral support and encouragement from his wife, they were both looking forward to the first child, graduating and returning back home.

Mohammed Al Barwani is the owner and chairman of MB Holding Group of companies. A well-diversified group of companies with a worldwide reputation in oil & gas services, exploration & production, mining & minerals, and engineering & manufacturing. The businesses he has set up have a strong presence in 18 countries spanning four continents and they continue to grow into a trusted group of companies in every aspect of the business worldwide.


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