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The Oman’s Environmental National Strategy movement has moved from the fringe to becoming a central main stream issue. This framework towards Biodiversity and the conservation for natural life in agriculture, marine, terrestrial, and water resources is the second ‘wave’ that has begun to cause a shift in business thinking. Managing environmental aspects and impacts systematically is about being proactive rather than reactive towards environmental issues. This merge of ecological and economic factors into the practice of business management is critical to achieving Oman’s environmental conservation objectives, and for MB Holding to address these changes and ensure sustainability.

Our environmental policies and standards, regulatory and enforcement practices, monitoring, auditing and reporting provide the communities the assurance that the environment is being protected. MB Holding has established four environmental target areas which include waste minimization and management, pollution prevention, resource conservation, and energy efficiency. We aspire to taking initiative and in developing eco-friendly solutions to environmental issues that may arise from our products, operations and business activities. We are responsible for the environment in which we work in, and this dedication is demonstrated throughout our workforce, our customers and shareholders relationships. We continually seek to exceed compliance and to minimize resource consumption, and adverse environmental impact, limited only by technologically and economic viability.

United Engineering Services LLC

Energy Conservation
United Energy Services is a multi disciplinary Engineering Sales and Oilfield services company covering the oil, gas and water industries throughout Oman and the Gulf Region. UES is committed towards reducing the environmental impacts by developing innovative methods to improve energy efficiency through the DLE Gas Turbine design. This overall environmental initiative contributes to reducing global warming and acid rain, and reducing our reliance on burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil and gas, which is a major source of pollution. Excessive use of fossil fuels also contributes to other depletion of the earth’s supply of non-renewable nature resources. 

MB Petroleum Services

MB Petroleum Services is a multinational corporation, and recognised in the global market for providing cost effective quality drilling and integrated well services. In less than two decades MB Petroleum has emerged as one of the most successful and the largest Middle East quality oilfield services provider based in Oman with subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, China, Malaysia, India, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Australia and New Zealand. The core business of MB Petroleum is in providing drilling services, well and work over services, well testing, drilling fluids, mud logging, wireline and completion services, coiled tubing, nitrogen, stimulation and pumping services. MB Petroleum also offers new technologies and solutions to most conventional as well as unconventional problems aimed at oil and gas wells’ production optimisation. 

MB Petroleum firmly believes that the complete integration of its activities with the local environment is most important in achieving its development objectives. The company’s HSE culture is highly maintained by clear policies, procedures and participation of all employees in identifying hazards, reporting a potential risk and near misses.

In MB Petroleum, all employees and contractors are responsible and accountable for HSE performance. HSE focus areas are based on the communication, competence, equipments, supervision and behavior safety through road shows. The primary driving objective is to prevent injuries to people around; to safeguard the health of the employees; to prevent damage to equipment and assets; and to protect the environment.

Pollution control and issues such as air emissions, wastewater contamination and the management of hazardous waste are critical concerns that require sustained efforts in identifying the impacts of products and services throughout their lifecycles, including design, reduce, reuse and recycling of equipment and materials. MBPS teams are fully aware of their responsibilities to our customers and community stakeholders and therefore committed to a robust waste management program throughout all their operations. These environmental sound practices incorporate reduction in materials, hazardous materials segregation, and recyclable materials.

Petrogas E&P LLC

Gas Treatment Facility
Sustainable development is ensuring that our present needs do not compromise the needs of our future generations. This method represents a versatile approach to managing our environmental, economic and social resources for the long term. Our environmental objective for 2008 is to commission the 20 MMSCF capacity gas treatment facility, and retrieve the gas from the B Block production facility and Daleel Production Station, send it to the gas treatment facility. The expected yields from the gas treatment are approximately 400-500 bpd of liquefied petroleum gas and 500-600 bpd of NGL. Daleel is planning to commission the gas plant this year, and the first step of the gas flaring is to reduce it from 13 MMSCF (Current Production) to 6 MMSCF. The ultimate aim is to recover the gas stream and lean gas, which will be partly used for the centralized power generation plant and the lean gas will be re-injected back in the existing gas cap in the C-block, ready for flaring. Petrogas recognizes that this innovation is a vital ingredient for the protection of communities and increases company competitiveness within the oil and gas sector. Petrogas is emerging as an industry leader in clean gas production and contributing to environmental protection and pollution prevention, by reducing levels of hydrocarbons. 

Mawarid Mining

Pollution Prevention And Abatement
Mawarid Mining recognizes that exposure to dusts and fibrous materials can be detrimental to health and pose a risk to personnel and the communities. Our policy is based on working with the communities, so we can leverage the value of our knowledge to gain better environmental outcomes and progress towards sustainability. A critical mining activity such as ‘Blasting’ is predominantly a method required for the fragmentation of rock mineral deposits. Mawarid Mining is committed to responsible management of the natural environment. This commitment is based on the principles of controlling blasting risks and associated environmental issues. Working together with our contractors to ensure blasting plans, permits and schedules are co-ordinated in accordance with the legal requirements and our environmental responsibilities to the communities. Dust mitigation and control methods include conducting vibrational and formalised dust track testing to ensure air pollution is minimised and controlled during the intensity of blasting release. Communications with our local communities is conducted regularly to ensure ongoing improvements are implemented to mitigate impacts from blasting activity. Combined with the suppression prevention control measures in reducing the levels of dust generation and minimizing the release of pollutants, the use of water trucks, maintaining haul roads, weather station monitoring, and rehabilitation of disturbed land significantly contributes to protecting the natural habitat and minimizing adverse impacts to biodiversity.

Cultural Heritage
Mawarid Mining Company recognizes the importance of cultural heritage for the current and future generations. Prior to commencing with our mining operations, an archaeologist assessment was undertaken in 2005, historical sacred graves and villages such were identified as part of the cultural heritage significance. This study included investigating historical and tangible forms of cultural heritage materials that have existed in Omani society and the historic culture. Given that there may be more material of cultural significance lying beneath the surface, from what has already been discovered during the archaeological survey, daily monitoring is undertaken by our workforce and consultation with Oman’s associated Ministries and Religion Affairs are instigated to assist in the preservation Oman’s cultural heritage.

Rehabilitation of Disturbed Land
Our rehabilitation management plan aims to protect the features of the land and ensures sustainable utilization through biodiversity. A critical component to rehabilitation is to re-establish permanent natural habitat and ensure conservation of wildlife and natural heritage. This will reflect in the fundamental principals of natural conservation while protecting existing flora and fauna species as an integral part of our rehabilitation plan. There are common trees throughout Oman, and grow mainly in mountainous areas and into a scrub to 4m tall, and which will be used to restore the natural vegetation for the land and Wadis. These natural natives are a critical resource during droughts and provide suitable habitat for birds and nectar for insects.

The steep cliffs in Wadi offer an ideal breeding site for a number of rare bird species. Realizing the importance of preserving the natural trees and vegetation, thousands of seedings will be planted including natives such as wild sidr, simr, talh, serh and shua. Cuttings and seedlings will be planted to extend vegetation and replant in areas of extensive disturbance. Community consultation and guidance would benefit in protection of the flora and fauna, natural land and vegetation, and also provide attractive picnic spots for the nearby villages. Existing archaeological and Heritage areas would encourage the opportunity of varied cultural history and with the enjoyment of neighbouring natural resources. Mawarid Mining is recognizes this vital leadership requires collaborative efforts with the communities and Ministries, in order to protect Oman’s rich land, diverse natural resources and the preservation of natural living creatures.

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