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Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

MB Holding is a firm believer that the business should be conducted in a manner so that it protects the health and safety of its employees, contractors and society at large, and the environment where it operates. The company believes that a good HSE performance is paramount to its business and it is committed to promote a culture in which all employees realise the need to look after themselves, the safety of the people around them and in protecting the environment around them.

To ensure sound HSE practices and guidelines, MB Holding employs experienced and qualified HSE professionals in each of its subsidiaries to educate and train the employees to maintain the prescribed HSE norms and discipline as an integral part of the business process.

MB Holding empowers all employees:

  • Not to start work unless they believe it is safe and not harmful to their health or the environment

  • To stop work if they believe it is unsafe or has a negative impact on the environment

Environment Awareness, Responsibility and Protection

MB Holding is dedicated to high standards of environment protection and pollution prevention. A disciplined and committed approach towards environment safety is well demonstrated in all its business processes and operations. The guiding motto is to be proactive (prevention) rather than reactive.

Oilfield operations are carefully pre-planned and managed with primary emphasis on good house keeping, regulated waste disposal, careful chemical handling and recording of usage, immediate and accurate clean-up of any spillage, and restoration of the site at the conclusion of activities.

MB Holding proactively cooperates with clients and government authorities to ensure that drilling,production and mining operations are in conformance with Documented Waste Management Programmes and adheres to environment protection standards. Audits involving third parties are also frequently initiated and often conducted jointly with operators and host country authorities.

To ensure proper and appropriate development occurs in Oman and elsewhere globally, MB Holding Company endorses the concept that communication with project stakeholders is an essential component of any environmental and socio-economic assessment process and development of an Environmental and Social Management Plan to enhance positive impacts and to mitigate negative impacts.

The company is committed to proactive and ongoing communication with all agencies, organizations and individuals with an interest in development of its projects.

A Public Consultation and Disclosure Plan (PCDP) outlines and documents MB Holding’s consultation and disclosure practices for activities occurring during:

  • Exploration

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Development / Construction of the Projects; and

  • Life of a Project

The goal of this Process is to ensure adequate information is provided to project-affected people and other stakeholders in a timely manner and that these groups are provided sufficient opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions that can influence Project decisions. And that the approach gives recognition to and is carried out in a manner consistent with local cultural norms of the area and of the country within which we operate.

The PCDP is a tool for managing communications between MB Holding, its subsidiary companies and stakeholders. The PCDP aims to improve and facilitate decision making and create an atmosphere of understanding that actively involves individuals, groups, and organizations that can affect, or be affected by, development of a Project. Emphasis of the Plan is to document implementation of a formal programme in an objective, simple manner to focus efforts on improving communications between MB Holding, its subsidiaries and other interested parties. Monitoring and evaluation of programme results and behavior of the respective parties will enable evolution and improvements to specific programmes over time.

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