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The Drive Safe Campaign:

The ‘Drive Safe’ campaign actively seeks to encourage and sensitize people to the benefits of safe driving. The CSR programme undertaken by MB Petroleum Services was launched in conjunction with Imam Muhanna Bin Sultan School in Baushar as well as Saih Al Barakat School in Manah. The campaign is primarily targeted at the school students and also the public at large. Drive safe messages have been fixed on school buses in both Arabic & English operating under the school’s supervision. Additionally, two drive safe message boards have been installed within the school premises at the entrance/exit gate. In its efforts directed towards the development of the areas within which they operate, MB Petroleum Services has also teamed up with the school to sponsor lunch coupons for students under the social welfare scheme.

A similar ‘Drive Safe’ initiative was carried out by Petrogas E&P in association with the Dohat Al Adab School for Girls.


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